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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

I know I posted a few pages back that I wouldn't purchase this b/c it's a digital release only, but after seeing the movie not too long ago.The Elfman fan in me couldn't resist. So I bought it and it's my first (and hopefully only) digital album download.

I thought the movie was pretty good as well. I wasn't expecting to like it, b/c I'm not into these kind of movies. Plus I personally think the director David O. Russell is a jerk. I thought Jennifer Lawrence gave a really good performance and nearly stole the movie.

IMO Elfman's score in the film was good. It's not a lot of score in it, but what's there is mostly underscore. I'm sure the film didn't require a lot of score b/c it would feel unnecssary. I felt the score stood out in the movie with that bittersweet piano theme for the main character Bradley Cooper played. I remember that theme staying with me after the movie was over as well. I will say the score is definitely the heart of the movie. And it heighten certain moments in the film. To quote something Tobey Maguire said about Elfman's Spider-man score (though I might be paraphrasing what he said)"even when I'm not paying attention to it I'm feeling something emotionally from it". That pretty much sums up how I feel about the score in the movie.

And I just got done listening to the album this morning. It was barely 20 minutes long, but it was a very pleasant listen. The score is mostly piano, acoustic/electric guitars, and vocals (which are all done by Elfman, I believe)The main/emotional theme/motif played on the piano is kind of repetitive, but I can hear it in my head as I type this. There was another motif that he used that gives off this 60s rock vibe. It's a counterpoint to the main/emotional theme/motif. This score blends seamlessly with the overall tone of the film. As well as with the soundtrack. It almost sounds like something from some 60s rock band. And that's a compliment b/c I wasn't expecting a score to a film like SLP from Elfman.

This score won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who liked Elfman's Taking Woodstock and the dramatic guitar bits from The Kingdom. I'm sure you'll enjoy this. It's very pleasant, graceful, and at times uplifting. It really emotes the main character's goals to better himself for the approval of his estranged wife.

This is another score that shows Elfman's range as a composer. I bet those who've seen the movie didn't know Elfman scored it. The score isn't typical of him. No dark, gothic, whimsical, cartoon-ey, heroic music/themes present. This is a very mature Elfman score that has little bit of quirk, but a lot of heart. It's Elfman playing around and having a good time.

"GoofTrack" is a hilarious track with the funny vocals by Elfman. I definitely recommend this to Elfman fans that have yet to pick this up. It's not one of his best scores, but it's pleasant score to listen to. I'm glad I went along and purchased it.

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