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Default The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

I checked the forum and did not see a thread for the merchandise of what is shaping up to be a magnificent film.

To kick off the thread, I'll provide my two wishes for what I would like to see on the market.

# 1. A 12" model of one of the Sentinel from the film. Chances are, there is not going to be a figure line, but, I hope they could at least release a nice replica of one of the Sentinels for the standard figure market and not the premiere (I do not want to pay in the three digits.)

#2. A Collector Card Line. They had them for the three films and I have been collecting them. I really, really, really want a costume card line; I just picked up a Jean Grey card from X1, and am putting money back for a Professor X one I found on a different website. Fox, if you are reading this, please, please, please release a card line.

Anyone else have any wishes or discoveries?

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