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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by Spider - Man View Post
Exactly how does simply making a white character black make anything better? Does it increase sales? Does it decrease sales? Does it help black people 'stick it to the man'? I really want to know in what way you imagine that that one change makes anything better.

The problem I have with your view is that you only want 'diversity' to mean black. If you really want diversity, as I've said in other threads, let's really be inclusive. I'd say that overweight people, as a ratio of society outnumber black people as a ratio of society so let's change a drastic number of traditionally lean heroes and make them obese. That should go a long way towards stopping alienating overweight people who want to feel included in the comics they read. And sexual orientation. We need to change that for a LOT of heroes to put it at status quo. And one out of every, what, 10 heroes needs to be physically damaged (missing leg/arm, being cognitively challenged, suffer from depression) - hey, this is a huge segment of society being excluded. My point is you want to try and belittle those who you view as less progressive than yourself because they want to keep white characters white while your preference is just as narrow-sighted. Let's make every group of characters a perfect cross section of society. Every group has to be 70% white, 13% Hispanic, 11% black, 4% Asian, 1% Native American, 1% other races. 35% of them have to be obese per the CDC. We have to make sure we get the blonde, brunette, redhead ratio right as well because, Lord knows, we wouldn't want anyone to feel underrepresented. So much more status quo to add to the mix but you get the point. Ah, diversity...the perfect formula for success in comics!
Good arguments Spidey.

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