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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by cloverfan98 View Post
Was anyone else bothered by the heard mentality of the people of Gotham in this film? I felt to me that Nolan sacrificed continuity for an extremely overhanded message. It really bothered me that at the end war we only see Cops fight against the Mercenaries. In BB it is set up that Gotham is a lost cause and that only a very few people (Bruce, Rachel, Gordon) see any chance of redemption in the city for its people. In TDK this was continued on with Dent believing this and the Joker believing in the opposite. In fact one of the greatest moments in TDK is when we see that Bruce's faith IS justified and that the people have begun to change and pull them selves out of the metaphorical pit. Then in TDKR all that's flushed away for Nolan's message. I get the people would be intimidated by Bane and would be hiding out, but the only people we see fighting Bane in secret or at the end are cops. I feel that there should have been common people mixed in with the cops. My random thoughs.
Nolan didn't care enough to give Gotham any personality in TDKR. What you said there was exactly what we were just discussing. Bad extras or not, Nolan succeeded in making Gotham's people a voice to see who Bruce was fighting for, and how they were reacting to the events in their city.

All that was flushed down the crapper in TDKR. I didn't give a hoot about Gotham in Rises.

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