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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

I don't think the film is condemning ordinary, unarmed citizens for bring afraid of a terrorist army with a nuclear bomb. So I don't get what the supposed "message" is there.

Mind you, in TDK the regular citizens on the boat voted to blow the other one up by a pretty wide margin. The reason they didn't? Fear. No one had the guts to get their hands dirty. I thought the "frozen by fear" reaction we saw in TDKR was a logical extension of the "results" of the ferry experiment.

Also, considering how marred the police force was by corruption in the first two films, and then the fact that they had been a part of serving under a corrupted police state, it felt like the appropriate redemption for the cops to become Gotham's army at the end and lay down their lives for the city. The normal citizens of Gotham never needed redemption- in all three movies they simply needed inspiration.

I know people tend to think of Gotham as its own character in Batman stories, but it's kind of hard to give the entire populace of a sprawling metropolis a full "arc" so to speak. In the end it is Bruce's life story and the story of how he affects change in his city. Not the story of every day Gotham citizens growing to be better people- even if that may indeed be at least a partial outcome of the events of the story.

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