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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I don't see that point, Joker. The extras didn't make me give a damn about the city, horrible acting doesn't make me care, it makes me not care. I just cared because it's Gotham and it was portrayed in a way where it could be my city. The fact that TDKR didn't show the people yet the other films showed bad extras, doesn't change anything. I cared for Gotham in all 3 movies, and showing the people reacting isn't what made me care. I cared regardless.
That's your loss.

I saw panicked people at Dent's press conference hating Batman and fearing Joker. Scared citizens in the bar watching Joker on TV. The local newscaster grilling the Mayor on TV over Batman's impact on Gotham. Panicked conflicted citizens on the ferry etc. It all gave Gotham a personality.

I didn't automatically care about Gotham just because Bruce did in BB and TDK. Nolan gave me reasons to. I wish I could say the same about TDKR.

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