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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Yep, exactly. Bruce would have quit as Batman if Gotham became a safer place and would have moved on with Rachel, a luxury that didn't happen, but it's for the best when Rachel wasn't in love with Bruce as it was the other way around.

Bringing them to light, giving them a resolution such as revealing the Dent Act was a lie, revealing that Dent was a murderer and then revealing that Rachel chose to be with Dent, that is developing them. A clear resolution of the truth having its day which is what Alfred spoke about to Bruce.

I don't find it really vague, but if you do, I'd suggest watch the film again as it doesn't seem vague at all, but perhaps people could see how it could be since Rachel isn't mentioned again, or at least regarding the letter.

Although, why do you think Bruce continued to not believe Alfred? When Talia/Miranda brings up Rachel's picture, Bruce doesn't say a word and places the picture down. He knows full well that he believed a lie for eight years.

Imo, it should have been the cops fighting against Bane's men and the prisoners. Regular citizens wouldn't do it just because Batman needed an army, not just hopeful citizens that couldn't do as much. Batman finally having all of the GCPD on his side says wonders that he gained the police's trust by the end of the trilogy.

Bleh...I for one am glad we did not get any ridiculous extras in TDKR. Everyone else besides Tiny was awful in the ferry scene.
But Batman as conceived by Bruce in BB was a symbol to inspire ALL the people of Gotham. His purpose wasn't to gain the trust of the police but inspire everyone in Gotham.

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