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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

Now that I think about it, bringing in Bizarro could be used as a means of also bringing in a second villain in the same film WITHOUT having to involve Luthor again. Just have CADMUS obtain a sample of Superman's DNA following the climactic battle of MOS and use it to create their own Super-clone for their own purposes, but it manages to escape before it can be programmed with any permanent safeguards and it starts lashing out and causing damage that the public attributes to Superman, whom the mentally-stunted clone believes itself to be. In response, STAR Labs, believing Superman to have gone rogue, deploys one of Zod's robots to capture him, reconditioned with an Kryptonian-based thought-control system operated by military liaison John Corben that threatens to fuse control of the robot directly to Corben's mind.

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