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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
If you're talking about just Batman TAS, then you're right. If you're looking at the whole DCAU as a whole, then I disagree with you on that. I thought the DCAU from start to finish was the perfect life story of Batman, showcasing his origin to his days solo fighting mobsters to meeting Robin to encountering his rogues gallery to creating the Bat Family to meeting Superman to creating the JL and fighting global threats to his retirement to his revivement through Terry and finally, to his death (though we don't see him die or know when he will die but you get my point). I think that if you were to map out comic book Batman's entire life from start to finish, you would get something similar to the DCAU especially now since the Batman Beyond comic takes place in the mainstream DCU.
It's still hard for me to consider it "one story" due to its episodic nature. In the trilogy, there is a chain of causality where one event leads to another that runs between all the movies and there are constant thematic links, echos and mirrors. With the DCAU you have a lot of asides and one-off stories, just like any TV show does. That's what makes it more of a collection of stories to me with one very loose overarching one. Though I would agree if you're saying the DCAU is a more comic accurate representation of Batman's life for sure. I just think the trilogy is the most coherent telling of the story. I get the sense that Bruce has gone from point A to point B and is actually a changed man at the end.

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