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Default Re: FoX Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
and thats why Fox should open their minds, and start supporting other characters, if they sign great directors and actors, they will be decent hits. Not everything needs to reach 500m, you know?

hell, even Snowwhite and the H. is getting a sequel, and it didnt even reach 400m. So.... if other studios can do it, Fox easily can too. Just because a few fans dont want it doesnt mean they shouldnt do it
And as if I don't want to see it prequels and all that spin-offs I already said I want to see a film for New Mutants, X-Factor, and solo films for Cyclops and Storm if its possible.

But realistically, its not gonna happen. You are probably opening your mind right now w/ all your suggestions but in business-wise, its not a good idea.

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