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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Just because he sets out to inspire Gotham as a whole does not mean that inspiration should make Gotham as a whole be vigilant and fight. They can be inspired in other ways such as cleaning the city, helping out their neighbors, etc.

When I bring up the cops, I am pertaining to the idea that he became this vigilante that Loeb wanted to take down, then it became a 50/50 situation where half of the police force thought he was doing good rather the other half didn't and he finally had the GCPD's support in the end when they became his army.
Couldn't agree more, especially the bolded. Bruce never wanted average, every day people to take up arms and fight alongside him...this was made explicitly clear in TDK. There are plenty of ways an every day citizen can be a positive force in the community without resorting to violence.

Yes, the circumstances were extreme in TDKR but that's the whole point...most people were afraid and holed up with their families, which is totally understandable. Death was only a button push away.

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