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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by Jochimus View Post
Actually, Johns' portrayal of Corben in "Secret Origin" and the New 52 version of him got me thinking...why not give Metallo a genius military intellect instead of relative thugishness for once? This is something I thought about when I suggested Metallo be a reconditioned robot from Zod's army operated by a similarly-salvaged Kryptonian thought-control device in another thread: you could actually have Corben be as old as you like - meaning that much more combat experience and strategic skill - and should he die unexpectedly the thought-control device would basically backdoor his mind (or some version of it) into the robot upon death. Plus Metallo being a purely Kryptonian construct with its weaknesses reinforced by STAR Labs would help subvert the use of Luthor and Kryptonite yet again (I'd personally like to see Luthor disavowed from the MOS franchise or at the very least not featured in major capacity, so that the GA can be reminded that Superman actually has enemies OTHER than Lex Luthor)
I think you are onto something here regarding a change for Metallo, possibly even a full merge of some old and new concepts creating something new.

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