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Default Re: Official TV Spots Thread

Originally Posted by smsvmos View Post
Update with all new scenes :woot: So far I have the scenes from Krypton, Clark's early years, Clark's Journey,Zod's Message,Black Zero,Dream Sequence ,Smallville Battle and Metropolis Battle.

There is no audio on this videos so there is nothing wrong with ur speakers ;)


Clark's Early years:

Clark's Jorney:

Zod's Message/Black Zero/Dream Sequence/Smallville Battle:

Metropolis Battle:

Also for those who have not seen my music video (Man of Steel: Alone)

First of all Thank You for making those clips they are great, love the Krypton one.

Secondly? That music video was beautiful. Song worked really well with the footage, I love Green Day.

I was curious about something, can you upload that same video but with "Made of Steel" by Our Lady Peace? I'd love to see that. I'm always thinking of what cool songs to put up against Man of Steel footage.



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