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Default Re: Official TV Spots Thread - Part 1

I can imagine my friend! Editing is an art and reeeallly time consuming lol a lot of my friends are editors for various things music videos film TV etc. nothing big mind you but hot DAMN it's lots of work.

Also haha I am SO sorry to be a burden I just wish I had the capabilities to edit & my friends wouldn't help me with this I'd I imagine (they don't share the same enthusiasm for Man of Steel as I do )

But is it hard to upload that video with just another song over? If not in addition to Made of Steel by Our Lady Peace, what are the chances of doing it wity (don't laugh lol!) Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together" off of their new "Save Rock & Roll" album?

I'd SO bake and send you cookies or somethin man hahaha

And before anyone makes fun of me and calls a 14 yr old girl for liking Fall Out Boy I have to say BEFORE they took off I really did fall in love with their music I just think it's so awesome..they got even MORE popular after their 2nd album and the predominant fan base is...well 14 yr old girls I think...and me lol

Either way I would love to see your video with those two songs it'd mean a lot.

And no worries if you can't or are too busy

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