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Default Re: Official TV Spots Thread - Part 1

I think this might be the spot to post this cause that Open Discussion Thread is way to crowded with nonsense

Here is my take of the sequence so far:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

- Movie starts where Comic book Prequel ends
- Clark in fishing boat scene
- Clark saves ppl from Oil rig
- Clark gets knocked out by debris from oil rig and falls into the ocean.
- Clark goes into flashback sequence when he was a kid
- Clark wakes up and goes to a nearby town
- Clark sees a school bus in the town and goes into a flashback
- We see the Kent's and early teen Clark
- Teen Clark saves school bus
- Pa Kent has a talk with Teen Clark
- Pa Kent tells the truth to teen Clark about where he is from and how they found him (Maybe a flashback of how they found him?) Flashback ends.
- Clark goes in the quest to find the Fortress of Solitude (Kryptonian Ship)
- Clark find the key in the Kryptonian ship and activates Jor-El's Message
- Jor -El tells him of what happened in Krypton
- Flashback of Krypton
- Lara gives birth to Kal-El
- Jor-El and Lara place new born Kal-El into the ship
- Jor- El activates the ship to send him to earth.
- Zod arrives to stop Jor-El and arrest him for the unauthorized birth of Kal-El
- Jor-El and Zod fight
- Kal-El's ship takes off
- Zod is sentenced to the Black Zero
- Destruction of Krypton takes place (end of flashback)
- Clark suits up
- Superman first flight
- Superman goes back to Smallville
- Zod's message to earth and Kal-El
- Clark sees the pictures of Pa kent and him when he was a kid
- Flashback of Clark and Pa Kent
- The Tornado sequence
- Pa Kent dies
- Zod' ship lands on earth
- Clark says goodbye to Martha
- The military surround Zod's ship
- Superman presents himself for the first time as demanded by Zod
- Lois talks to Superman
- Zod sends a pod to take Superman and they also take Lois.
- they are taken to the Black Zero to meet Zod
- Zod tells Kal-El of his plan to activate the Kryptonian Clone Codex to re-populate the earth. In order to activate the Codex Zod need the key to the ship
- Kal-El refuses to help
- They beat up Kal-El and put him in the dream machine
- In the dream sequence Kal-El goes into a horrible nightmare.
- Jor- El shows up in the dream and helps Kal-El wake up.
- Zod goes to the kent farm to find the key
- Lois escapes on a Kryptonian pod
- Superman escapes Black Zero and saves Lois from crashing
- Zod arrives on the kent farm
- Ma kent refuses to help them
- Faora tries to kill Ma Kent
- Superman saves Ma Kent
- Superman fight the Kryptonians in Smallville
- The military attack both the Kryptonians and Superman
- The military take Superman into custody
- Lois interrogates Superman
- Zod arrives in Metropolis
- The military engage Zod's ship
- Zod fights Superman in Metropolis
- Zod goes back to ship and activates the death ray ( that's what I call it )
- Superman goes head on into the ray to try and stop it.
- Superman destroys the ship or stops Zod.
- After this I would be guessing what happens because we have not seen any footage from the end.

Well this is my take on how the movie is set up

Here is also the sequence just described but set up in videos from the trailers and TV spots

If u guys have any other theory's we can discuss them here.

To help u guys out I edited all the trailers and TV spots in chronological order.

Let me know what u guys think and how u believe is going to be set up.

There is no audio on this videos so there is nothing wrong with ur speakers
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Clark's Early years:

Clark's Jorney:

Zod's Message/Black Zero/Dream Sequence/Smallville Battle:

Metropolis Battle:

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