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Default Re: FoX Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
If FC wasn't made then we may not have gotten DoFP. And if The Wolverine films weren't made we may have seen even more time given to him in past or Future X-Men movies. We can now officially move forward without Logan's past being in anymore films.

They are not gonna completely ditch Logan. But they can separate him from the main team. Doing multiple films will allow these other characters to breathe. It's a good thing and will not effect the potential for the main team films. It just opens everything up for more possibilities and makes the Universe more interesting.

..and like you said not every movie needs to make a 500-billion. Profit is profit and in the end with good films will only make new characters/existing side ones more popular and bankable.

I wonder if Fox will have a presence on Comic Con, (appart from Bryan and DOFP) and someone announces or teases a new comicbook proyect.

Although they probably are waiting for DOFP boxoffice to see how big can they go after it. So they could wait for next year edition to announce or tease something new.

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