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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

The Wolverine is in a weird situation, as I see it. In terms of superhero films, the odds are stacked against it being the most financially successful film of the year: Origins left a terrible taste in the public's mouth, adding to an even nastier taste from X3. Hence, it is why First Class was not a super-blockbuster success. In comparison to the year, Man of Steel has a chance to be a really powerful superhero film, provided Snyder overcomes some of his recurring flaws as a director (overuse of slow motion,) and Nolan's input is reduced, if none at all (the grounding does not need to be applied to Superman. Trying to ground him in realism will result in the film having a self inflicted gunshot to the head.) Hence, MOS has a considerable chance, but is against good competition, since IM3 was a powerhouse, financially and critically (fanboy whining is irrelevant.) Thor: The Dark World has a chance, but, considering its successor underperformed, it is iffy, at this point.

If I had to rank the blockbusters, it would look as follows:

IM3 has dominated thus far;
MOS is shaping for success;
THOR: TDW is a wild card;

Now, Mangold has acknowledged that he wanted to a crime/noir film; Chinatown is frequently invoked in almost every interview. Hence, it is distancing from the genre; however, if understands what makes Chinatown great and successfully applied, there is a good chance The Wolverine might please the critics and will make some good money...but not IM3 money.

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