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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

You keep saying the X-Men has been In decline since 2006 but the Last Stand was highest grossing film In series.Despite mixed reaction from fans and critics.And a wolverine Solo
film was never going to do as well as X2 and last stand.wolverine solo books often sell less than X-Men books.Wolverine Is popular character but he tends to be more sucessful as part of X-Men than on his own.

Sony made the deal giving Disney what they wanted short of turning over film rights since Sony needed SPider-man due to finacial problems.

a lot of people here expect fox just to give Disney whatever they want.But,Fox has to get something out of deal.

There Is already bad blood between Disney and Fox.Disney killed George Lucas' 3-d rereleases of Star Wars.Come 2015 don't expect DVDs and Blurays of past Star wars
films In stores If Disney continues to try to kill X-Men and FF films.Come 2020 the distribution rights to Episodes 1-3,5,and 6 will go to Disney but Fox will keep episode 4.
That means there will never be complete set of OT again.

Fox wants to relaunch a FF film franchise.Giving up Galactus and Silver surfer would have been stupid on Fox's part.

Disney showed no Intrest In marvel till Fox with X-Men and Sony with Spider-man revived comic book movie genre.Those 2 franchises Is what allowed marvel to start their own
film company.Even when X-Men Origins;wolverine came out It wasn't treated like First Class,and The Wolverine were.

Bryan Singer has every right to use quicksilver In DOFP If he wants.

Iron Man 3 Is prime example why I don't like Disney having control of marvel Universe.

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