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Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
Pretty much. I'm kind of tired of the whole armor plate/jigsaw puzzle look. There is NO valid reason we can't get a decent on-screen representation of a traditional black and grey suit, And, before some wisea** suggests it, no, I don't mean Spandex. Even something like the new 52 suit holds some promise, it looks like the old suit with just a slight suggestion of armor, instead of the "Iron Man" like direction they've been heading in the last few years.

I understand that a batsuit can look "too" armored, but in terms of studios making live-action films, there will probably always be an element in which Batman armors himself in some way with his suit. This can be done in different ways but it will have to be more than subtle. A lot of folks want to portray Batman as a crazy and that is why he'd go out fighting in spandex or whatever, but that characterization is kind of tired in my opinion and from his training and learning Bruce would definitely understand the value of protecting his body.

A lot of people don't like the Mass Effect Batman concept art but it does show a sense of armor without looking like TDK and TDKR Batsuit. Make some aesthetic changes (colors, bat emblem size/shape/etc..) and this would look good on screen.

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