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Originally Posted by Angamb View Post

I wonder if Fox will have a presence on Comic Con, (appart from Bryan and DOFP) and someone announces or teases a new comicbook proyect.

Although they probably are waiting for DOFP boxoffice to see how big can they go after it. So they could wait for next year edition to announce or tease something new.
Regarding non main X Teams, I think they are waiting on The Wolverine box office and in Deadpools case video Game sales. If those are both a success we will see other films. If not then we probably wont see anything for awhile.

Wolverine is a smaller film, so if they walk away with 400-500WW, you can be damn sure Fox is gonna green light more. Thats more money then most other films by the company make. They are not gonna pass up making another 400m. All the X-Men movies are within Fox's top 35 selling.

You won't see The MCU holding back on new properties even though The Avengers will always make more money.

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