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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

The Wolverine was never going to be top grossing comic book film of year.

I can't take any crtic who gives Iron Man 3 such high praise seriously.You can
depart from comic book lore and people will accept(Spider-Man,Spider-Man 2,
The dark knight rises) I consider Iron Man 3 bad film as well as bad comic
book film.If Fox or Sony would have done Iron Man 3 many here would not bashing It like crazy.It's take on Th Mandarian makes Ra's al Ghul In dark Knight trilogy looke faithful.

The Wolverine Is the antiOrigins.Domesticly as far as Box office It's best chance
Is to get close to what Origins did.Quality wise will be It's strength.

The concerning things about Man of steel Is the so called realistic quotes.And
they seem like they laregly wanting to reimagne things from Superman lore.
And too many are expecting a dark knight level hit from Man of steel.

Thor Is wildcard.People are expecting an Iron man size success now but
first film did domesticly what Origins did.No MS film without Robert Downey JR
as star has hit 200 million.Seeing fate of Loki may help It but will that really
get them to Iron Man sucess.

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