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In terms of the actual comics, The X-Men inhabit their own universe. Sure, while mutants have contributed greatly to the comic universes (616 and Ultimate,) the sheer number of characters and storylines is rival to the non mutant titles. Fox is sitting on a goldmine they have barely begun to tap; hence, the Fast & Furious argument is music, because that is the best way to tap into said vein.
mutants have a far more realistic stake in the Ultimate universe. Ultimate Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and The Ultimates all talk about mutants, "the mutant problem/situation/agenda" and have crossovers constantly. With 616 mutants often seem almost out of place.

I am one person who loves that Marvel doesn't have control of X-Men. I like the separate universes. They function better in my opinion. X-Men can focus on a lot more characters when they are on their own. Marvel can focus on a lot more characters when they don't have to worry about mutants.

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