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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
Superman.There's no real memorable black character in Supes history,so they have to resort to race changing to make a prominent role for a black character. That's the race changing that is the most offensive to me.
There are some. There is probably no room in this movie for them, though. A movie's got a limited amount of time to tell it's story, and I think shoehorning John Henry Irons in there just to have a black guy is not better than changing a preexisting character to a black guy. At least if Laurence Fishbourn played "Superman's boss" it doesn't significantly change the story, except that Superman's boss now happens to be black. Unless Superman and Perry White are famous for their racial discussions.

Is it gimmicky? A little. But it's not like their changing Krypton to be future Earth or something. Back when I was a kid they made Harvey Dent black and it turned out okay. But then they made Two Face white and suddenly racial accuracy's not that important.

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