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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
It's not my loss. More like my gain. Im thankful I didn't see bad extras. It's ultimately your loss if the Gotham extras won you over so much that you saw the city having so much personality, because you obviously were so invested that when TDKR rolled around without that kind of thing, you let yourself down.

It's certainly not my loss because I never cared for it to begin with, I didn't expect it in the third, nor was I bothered when I didn't see it in TDKR. My loss? Not at all.
No, it's YOUR loss that the Gotham citizens make you give a damn about Gotham, as was their intention. Nolan didn't cast people of Gotham for the hell of it. It was to make Gotham feel like a real city with conflicted inhabitants of all walks of life. Rich snobs, Cops, felafel vendors, scared kids etc. These people added life to Gotham. That enhanced the dilemmas Gotham faced.

Yes, it's my loss TDKR didn't have that same personality Gotham had in the first two movies. TDKR has a lot of losses for me, that just being one of them. The city was dull and lifeless with no personality. It made Bane's revolution dull and uninteresting.

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Thing is, I just haven't had the draw to watch it like I have for a lot of superhero flicks.
The movie doesn't have a lot of replay value. I find myself skipping over a lot of scenes, particularly Blake centric ones.

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