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Default Re: DOFP Marketing Thread: What would you like Fox to do/show?

One of my favorite thing about this movie marketing is Bryan Singer twitter account, constant tweets without big spoliers to keep the interest up.

2013. I think this year they're only going to tease.
- Comic Con 2013, with Bryan, some writers and/or producers, some actors and a teaser
- The Wolverine red carpet, with almost all the actors in it, like in Iron Man 3. Make a force demonstration Fox!!!
- Official photos at the end of the year, with all the characters and lots of sexiness (like X2).

2014. Full force marketing
- First trailer in the Super Bowl
- More art, posters and stills
- Large trailer
- TV spots
- Intensive promotion with the cast, I mean this cast was born to promote. A few couple of actors as presenters during the awards season, like Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto at the 2009 Golden Globes, premieres around the world, talk shows, Saturday Night Live, give a Star in the Walk of the Fame to one of them (preferably Anna Paquin ), magazines... They can easily take the market for a month putting the actors everywhere.

Maybe they should make an aliance with some brand, like Magda in X2

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