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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
Maybe, maybe not. But Bruce consider that as "destroying his life." And he barely reacted to Alfred, a man he trusted like no one else, lying to him for 8 years about such a sensible matter.
It's not a matter of "maybe, maybe not" at all. Bruce Wayne was set on leaving Batman to be with Rachel in The Dark Knight when he couldn't have the girl in Batman Begins while being Batman.

Revealing the truth is not a resolution. The consequences of the revealing are. And there's barely any.
Sometimes there doesn't need to be consequences, as for example, what happened with Alfred telling the truth about Rachel's letter, there didn't have to really be consequences for that.

I watched it again, that's why I included the dialogue this time. There are two reactions from Bruce Wayne. In the first one, he clearly don't believe Alfred. In the second one, he might or might not, because he didn't react at the lie and its implications at all, but at the fact that Alfred wants to leave.
He clearly didn't at first, but then when Alfred became far more emotional during this conversation, Bruce did start to believe his butler. Much better than a monotone butler telling Harry Osborn that his father was a killer

That might be true. Still, my original point was his reaction at the lie, just as all reactions to all lies set in TDK, were ephemeral and had no resolution. Alfred left, but not because of having lied, Gordon was no judged by people to whom he lied and the Dent thing had no problems at all.
Telling the truth is the resolution. Rachel's letter being revealed didn't need some consequence because there would be no such thing as some consequence besides Alfred fearing he'd have to leave if telling the truth still doesn't make Bruce move on and the people of Gotham still had their "day in court" so to speak with Gordon, albeit it was a kangaroo court.

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