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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
No, it's YOUR loss that the Gotham citizens make you give a damn about Gotham, as was their intention. Nolan didn't cast people of Gotham for the hell of it. It was to make Gotham feel like a real city with conflicted inhabitants of all walks of life. Rich snobs, Cops, felafel vendors, scared kids etc. These people added life to Gotham. That enhanced the dilemmas Gotham faced.

Yes, it's my loss TDKR didn't have that same personality Gotham had in the first two movies. TDKR has a lot of losses for me, that just being one of them. The city was dull and lifeless with no personality. It made Bane's revolution dull and uninteresting.
But that's you though. You feel something for Gotham because of the soul of the city in TDK and BB in your mind. It's okay if Shauner feels for Gotham without those random extras popping up to voice their opinions.

The way I see it, Nolan won me over from the very beginning, so I didn't need to see any extras in TDKR to have me care for the film because I already do. When I talk about Gotham's "soul" regarding Batman, I'm talking about I wanted more Mayor, I wanted more Gordon on the return and disappearance of Batman. The characters close to the story needed to express their views more than anyone else on the conclusion on this tale.

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