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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
We should definitely count the dialogue as part of the fight as that's the winding down of the battle, because if not, you could say the final Batman/Joker fight in TDK is only 40 seconds long, lol.
Stating the obvious (again) here, I know, but the exchange between Bane and Batman before the 2nd fight still irks me a bit. What may be surprising is that it's not actually Batman's line that annoys me - it's a decent line, captain obviousesque true, but it does its job - it's the way their exchange is shot. I mean, I can understand why they stop when Bane delivers his line, but then they just stand around, looking like doofuses, waiting for Batman to deliver his line. I think that if they had shot the exchange from a different angle, it's pretty likely that some people wouldn't have complained about that exchange so much.

That being said, I still really enjoy the 2nd fight, especially when 'The Fire Rises' motif starts playing. True, I would've preferred the fight be a little bit longer, with Batman entering the scene via a glide from the Bat, kicking Bane on the way down, but I'm just being picky at this point.

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