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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

I have extensively talked about the ending twist with Bane and Talia in other threads, but one thing that destroyed the ending for me - and that is more a personal opinion than anything else - is Bruce Wayne's destiny.

No matter what, who or how, Batman might always pursue happiness, dream about a normal life and finding love. But in no way I can accept that Bruce faked his death, allowed everyone believe he died so they can honor him forever, and lived sipping coffee with his girl forever after.

Not only is bad to fool people (once again), including his own butler (sure he later knew the truth, but for a man in his 80's to have let believe the only living Wayne, his almost son had died was pretty cruel) into believing that he's dead, but I consider it's totally against nature to give Batman a happy ending and so early in Bruce's life.

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