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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by ManInTheNarrows View Post
Thanks man. I may keep it and open it. I have 1 already mint on card from back when it originally hit retail.

I couldn't believe he had it listed for $30 when this bad boy usually goes for around $70 to $80. I was even more shocked that he took the $20 offer i threw at them. They were very nice and i know they are there to obviously make money and move product so it was a win/win.
Totally worth it to throw in an offer like that cos you never know.

To andrewpm83

I'll tell you what if I lived in the US, had enough money to spend on that ebay auction, I would. The price per figure is AMAZING, but chances you'll find a Movie Masters/Batfan with that much money to blow is low. (Rhymes )

You would definitely make a whole heap of cash if you were to sell them individually and let them fetch what they're really worth.
Start the bidding at a not-so-unusual price, and you let the bidders decide how much they're worth.

Just sell the multiples/variants about a week from each other, because people won't know the exact inventory you have.
Like if they get outbid on a Two-Face and see you have another 2, they'll think "Doesn't matter cos I have 2 more chances"

In a whole lot auction, you may eventually sell it for the $650, but individually you'd get over double I'd reckon.

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