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Default Re: DOFP Marketing Thread: What would you like Fox to do/show?

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
Perhaps not for Days of Future Past, since it's likely that he isn't going to be in it in a significant way, but I would like Cyclops inspired "ruby quartz" 3D glasses or headgear at some point, now that Fox has jumped on the 3D bandwagon. I don't know how they would do it, but I think something like that could be fun. Perhaps for a sequel or reboot down the line?
That makes me think...weren't there "Ruby" sunglasses released to tie in one of the films...I don't want to say X3, I think it was X1-2?

We probably won't get much
but things I'd like to see
---figure wise a see a few Hasbro exclusives maybe (Marvel Universe/Legends), maybe some Hot Toys exclusives...

---Memorabilia---probably some more Logan jackets, it seems like every film, they usually redo Logan's jacket, various Wolverine Claw display's, Magneto's Helmet, etc...

---X3 had the Official Game, Origins had a game, No FC game, I don't see a game (BTW Does The WOlverine have a game?)---

Character Posters are a must, I agree with psylockecolossus!

and of course A Saga set like Marvel Phase One!

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