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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

I'm an African-American, and in general all race changes in comics and comic-based movies bother me. That's not to say that Sam Jackson, Kerry Washington and Michael Clarke Duncan didn't do well in their roles...they did. They're all talented actors, as are Laurence Fishburne and Jamie Foxx, who I am sure will do a great job as Perry White and Electro. Further, I am happy to see actors who share my ethnicity get opportunities in potential blockbuster films. But I'm old, and I'm a traditionalist. My preference is to see a character's race remain consistent between their comic book history and their portrayal on screen.

Additionally, I have no desire to see a Black Spider-man, Human Torch, Superman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman or anyone else. I want to see development of the Black characters that already exist, and the creation of new ones. I want to see some talented writer at Marvel give me a reason to become even more invested in Monica Rambeau. Make me care about Falcon for the first time ever. Someone at DC make me fully embrace Mal and Karen Duncan. But giving me a Black Captain America or Firestorm? Personally, I find that to be lazy and uninspired.

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