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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
I wish he dsaid that. He said "You expect to destroy my world and then think we're going to shake hands?" because Alfred was leaving. Nothing about "how could YOU lie to me like that?"
He did say Alfred destroyed his world, lol.

But we're going back to interpretation again. Because he didn't say what you wanted, you propose he didn't actually, truly say anything about Alfred lying, but Bruce is aware Alfred lied and he meant it when he said Alfred destroyed his world just then.

Nah, Alfred leaving had other reasons behind entirely different. And I don't say things need consequences, they just do. Lies specially. And lies that are used as pivotal elements for storytelling, specially.
Not all lies need consequences either, especially when the truth sets itself free. And once again, I only said it's reaching to say Alfred leaving is part of the lie, but yes, we're on the same path in knowing that the lie and Alfred leaving has no connection except leaving was Alfred's last resort in trying to get Bruce Wayne to quit as Batman since he wasn't Batman any longer.

That "court" was a joke. A corrupt justice system that could be easily judging people for trying to stop Bane.
If you believe so, then fair enough. I found the kangaroo court to be irony especially with Gordon being there. As Crane said, his guilt was already determined once he stepped up for his sentencing. But once again, what did you want to see in the last ten minutes of TDKR once the siege ends in regards to the Dent lie and Gordon?

And what about all those criminals that were going to be re-prosecuted if Dent was proven to be a murderer?
You meant the Blackgate inmates that joined Bane's army and who fought the GCPD? Yah, I wonder what will happen to them...not like they did anything bad once they escaped

A war hero, lol. Nice treatment for having lied for so long to so many people. I guess Lincoln was wrong.
So you must have a problem with how they celebrated Batman in the end then, yes?

He didn't say "you destroyed my world." He said if he expected to do such a thing and just shake hands. Yes, he probably believed him, he was far more worried about what he had to do next. Anyways, the movie never cared about how to overcome such a problem.
It means the same thing, lol. Bruce said Alfred destroyed his world, but obviously in a way that you seem to think its meaning is different, but imo, it means the same.

And there was never a problem to overcome. Alfred tells Bruce the truth, Bruce can't even look at a picture of Rachel anymore and his final moment was him having to let go of Rachel which could also be viewed in the sense that Talia played a part as a dark-mirrored version of Rachel.

He said it with the same emotion he said everything else in the scene. I wish he had considered all you say when he asked for an explanation for such a lie.
That same emotion was perfectly fine for that entire scene and it was a perfectly reasonable emotion that told me all I needed in that scene.

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