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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

BTAS Episode: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy


  • The episode is based on the comics story "The Cape and Cowl Death Trap!" (Detective Comics #450, August 1975), also by Elliot S. Maggin.
  • This episode contains the first use of the Bat-signal in the DC Animated Universe.
  • In pre-production, the original script was to have someone steal the cape and cowl and impersonate Batman while on a crime rampage. This would have been based on an episode of the old George Reeves series The Adventures of Superman.
  • Bruce Timm mentioned in an interview that he was originally going to have Batman show his face to Wormwood as he gives him the cape and cowl, but he changed his mind, as he does not like seeing Bruce without his mask on. Strangely enough, Bruce pulls off his mask in the next episode.
  • Bud Cort later voiced Toyman on Superman: The Animated Series.
  • John Rhys-Davies later voiced Hades on Justice League.

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