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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
It is probably the absolute lack of emphasis what confuses me.
Well something seems to be confusing you I guess, lol.

Lies need consequences, specially when they're big and set as crucial part of a plot.
The Dent lie being revealed, I'll give you that. Rachel...that was handled just fine I'd say.

No lawyers, no witnesses, no due process. That's not something I believe, it's something clearly stated in the movie.

I expected Gordon properly judged, criminals re-processed, etc. Not all on screen necessarily, but at least a word about it, a little something that tells me that Nolan cares for the plot key elements he sets up himself.
I didn't expect that myself, and perfectly fine with the irony of the kangaroo court where the people around him were probably most of the people that Gordon sent to prison. And just because he didn't give you something you wanted to see doesn't mean Nolan didn't care.

Did you see any one of the mob bosses of TDK?
You mean the ones that died in TDK?

And I don't think whatever happened in that anarchy state counts exactly as they would had they happened in a normal legal state.
So what...they will all be set free? Lol. The inmates, the LoS're saying they will all be set free?

I mentioned that somewhere, yes. But then again I have a problem with everything that happened with Batman at the end of the movie.
Well that's good. I am glad you can actually say you didn't like how they celebrated Batman as much as Gordon not receiving a proper trial. I never hear that, so it's hypocritical for the certain posters who would declare one being great and the other bad, but if you didn't like both, then sorry you got what you got in TDKR for both Batman and Gordon.

Drama 1: say everything with the same emphasis and emotion.
Why would Bruce become louder? What point would that make? It would make none because you should have understand where he was coming from with that tone he used.

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