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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
Absolutely. The scene was vague about it, which is the very first thing I said about it.
Sorry about that. That's probably one of my favorite scenes about TDKR actually, haha.

Not when you have all this story about these two men. And when they have their biggest crisis... one just seem to not care, and the other leaves, leaving the crisis without any important resolution.
One DOES care and the other leaves because it's his only resort in trying to think the other will quit being Batman.

We can't know if Nolan cared. Just that Gordon's lie was forgotten by people of Gotham.
A director will always care man, lol.

We don't know. The movie doesn't specify. Kind of what i was saying.

But LoS's members weren't prosecuted by Dent, were they?
No offense to you when I say this, but it's foolish to think the men responsible with the siege(the Blackgate inmates, the LoS members) are going to be set free when they ran Gotham City for five months and then waged war against the GCPD. They will be prosecuted once more and this time things will stick so in a way, Batman took care of organized crime yet again(TDKR culminated Batman's internal conflict(organized crime) and his external conflict(the LoS) into one antagonist).

But, okay, you're talking about all the lower-level guys Dent took down in TDK...those could be assumed to be placed under the Dent Act ruling and were some of the 1,000 prisoners in Blackgate Prison, which ended up becoming part of Bane's army.

Part of the life of a superhero movies fan.
Indeed, but I am sincerely glad you are at least not a fan of both outcomes to Batman and Gordon. Some CBM fans aren't as realist as you are where they will like one thing, but are surefire hypocrites with another, haha. But yes, I even have quarrels with CBMs.

I didn't say louder. But the first thing you're taught when studying drama is to differentiate and not say Happy birthday!!! the same way you say 'Your parents are dead.' Unless the scene really needs so.
This quiet tone Bruce has in that scene says wonders...he's tired, he just got done with his Batman duties and having to deal with all of this that Alfred is bringing up. It's a lovely choice that Nolan wanted Christian Bale to use, imo.

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