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Originally Posted by Weather Witch View Post
It's in the 70's so that they can have Nixon replace Kelly in the storyline, kill of 7 members of FC, and change the personalities from the already established FC characters again and bring them closer to the originals (or at least send them on a journey towards that).
Do you really think that they will show the death of characters like Banshee and Havok? I don't think so. I could see it that they are just no longer part of the team. Pretty much they went on to other things...

I still feel that there is something to this whole 1970's thing. If not then why not use Johnson and stick to the 60's?

In this situation about 10 years has gone by and now we have what? Is mutants becoming more known? Is Nixon against mutants? Will it be Nixon's death that changes the future? That one seems hard to do. Killing a past President isn't something that I can see them doing...

To me the most iconic thing that you get from Nixon is the "I am not a crook", which had to do with Watergate and this speach took place in 1973. I'm betting that this year was picked so this can be used in the story.

SO, let's try this then...

IF he is trying to use the "I am not a crook" how and why would it be? Would it still be because of Watergate? If so, what happens at the DNC headquarters? What are the burglers after? Is Mystique and/or Magneto involved?

My speculation is that the X-FIle or X-Envelope that Nixon wants back contains something to do with mutants. How about it being plans and/or the programming to Mastermold? Someone gets the plans from Watergate and boom, we have a future with Sentinals...

How about other ideas?

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