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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Why must all the options in the poll be negative against the people who may have issues with the film? Maybe some people actually don't find this film to be the second coming of christ. Maybe people simply have problems with the film without having ulterior motives.

I have always found it slightly disappointing. I still greatly enjoy it, love it in fact. But it's the one I have the most serious quibbles with. I've just always found Bales performance stale and Bruce as a character is overshadowed by Harvey and Joker. I also feel the last act is incredibly rushed. The film was a masterclass of suspense until the hospital explosion then the narrative felt like it went into fast forward mode to compensate for all the cards Nolan layed on the table. Two-Faces story is sadly rushed imo. Eckharts performance helps save it some in my eyes though.

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