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Default Re: FoX Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
The reason franchises like Star Trek, Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman were rebooted is because they'd either gone completely fallow or had hit a 'wall' in some fashion. The X-Men franchise has neither hit a 'wall' or gone fallow.
I think many would disagree with that. The numbers have never been huge here, and the hate on X3 and Origins has been just as strong with other franchises.

They killed their leader, have arguably one of the worst mapped out franchises, Origins is known as being pure ****, many characters are poor adaptations or just flat out not developed and now they are trying to make up for all of it. If this film actually puts out with it's potential then yeah all that can change. But This franchise is getting some sort of rebirth be it with the original cast or new ones and FC because they have had too many mistakes.

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