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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

8/10 for me, mostly for outstanding visuals and grand scope of the film. Story was also very good and we got some very good performances as well. Overall, I was still very happy with what we ended up with though I think it just needed more polishing.

99 percent of the problems with this film could be fixed from the editing room.

This is what I'd cut-

Blake visiting the boys home, which slows down the story and really doesn't add much to the overall plot. Nothing we wouldn't have found out anyways. Weakest scenes in the film.

Alfred telegraphing the ending with the conversation with Bruce. More on this later.

Bruce sleeping with Miranda. Stupidest plot choice imaginable. Can't believe this even when I think about it now. Makes me rage, remove it from the film because all it is a con. No reason for it to be there, it doesn't move the plot along, it makes no sense in the overall story. Remove the entire scene(I always skip it while watching the Blu-ray).

You cut all of the above and you shave off a few minutes of the first hour. You introduce Batman earlier in the film, and you get the to Batman/Bane fight much sooner. Makes for a much tighter first act.

The other problem with the film is after Bruce escapes and returns to Gotham, it’s a jumbled mess from there until he catches back up with Gordon on the ice. They should have removed the whole Miranda/Gordon thing after meeting with Foley and kept Miranda with Fox. Sloppy editing or planning in that whole sequence. I can't believe it how rushed and really lazy that makes the movie feel in retrospect. It's frustrating.

And now, what I would have slightly changed up. The ending!

Pretty much the ending we got, but a bit different.

Alfred is left the estate after Bruce is declared dead, is informed pearls are still missing. Blake still left the map. Same Morgan Freeman, and Gordon sequence- leaving them to wonder as we the viewers are. Since the ending not telegraphed by Alfred in sequence earlier in the film, and we know Bruce can track the pearls we can expand on the suspense of the ending sequence. We begin to see Alfred remembering this, and he begins to track pearls. Prehaps we see him getting off a plane, traveling to the cafe scene, camera focuses in on Selina with pearls on, as Alfred RISES to confront her about the pearls, she moves her head to reveal Bruce to the audience and Alfred, they see each other both smile and he goes to join them. In a way similar feeling to the end of the Shawshank Redemption. Cut to Blake entering the cave, same final sequence, final shot.

Granted this would have made for a more open ending, maybe not what Nolan was going for because he wanted to end Bruce's story. Though I think it's perfect because with Alfred in control of the estate, Blake being lead to the Batcave, it gives us the feel that Batman whether it's Blake or Bruce could actually return without question. Could have also set up an epic The Dark Knight Returns type sequel in 10 years.

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