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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Because they only released the special editions of the movies. Fans (myself included) would like to have the original versions of the films available on blu-ray as well.

Hopes are now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, they'll be able to get those versions out on blu-ray.
I'd like those too, but unless I misunderstood, I could have sworn I heard FOX might have a stake in the Original releases of the OT.

Its been a while since I ventured and posted in the SW forums---although I did visit/post a couple things in the Sequels/Spin-Off sections, but I remember it coming up here and there leading up to the Blu-Ray release IIRC---unless I'm mixing up sites I frequent, which I might LOL.

In addition to everything STAR WARS, and MARVEL, I'm a big Disney XD Superhero Fan

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