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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
That scene was meant as an introduction to the orphanage that plays a pretty important part with the film(especially the ending) as well as bringing up that Batman 'tag' for the first time when Mark draws them on the bench.

The next scene when the orphanage is brought up gives an interesting line on Gordon's whereabouts and the "less you know, Father", which is, imo, a hint of Gordon hiding out until the dust settles so to speak so Gotham wouldn't want his head on a platter when he starts to move forward in his plan to find the bomb.

Besides being a more or less nod to Talia becoming pregnant with Damien, this scene brings up a couple excellent points:

- When Miranda/Talia grabs the picture of Rachel, Bruce can't even look at it anymore and puts it down while Miranda/Talia does her best to get him to forget about everything except for her, even asking where Alfred is. Getting him all to herself then leads to...

- asking Bruce to leave with her to her plane. I saw that as a 'Plan A' sort of thing to get Bruce in The Pit rather than being broken by Bane.

If you leave Miranda with Fox, then you'd need her to be capture just as Fox was.

Sounds pretty well thought out except for Alfred joining Bruce and Selina. Alfred seeing Bruce happy and then leaving is the best option because Alfred is still part of Bruce's past, which he needs to let go of. As well as Alfred being given the keys to the estate. Now I understand that's why you wouldn't use the orphanage at all, but it plays a part in the fact that Bruce and Blake are both orphans and the last thing Bruce helps his city with his helping out the orphans in the end.

Miranda was already with Fox. It's a sloppy scene. She's with Fox when Bane discovers the hideout and kills the FBI Captain, then she's with Gordon, then she's back with Fox again. She's all over the place in that sequence.

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