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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Yah, she was with Fox, and then she left the site with Blake, but you're sounding like you wanted Miranda/Talia to stay with Fox and be brought to City Hall with Fox.

In the film:

- Miranda/Talia is with Fox when Blake brings the Special Forces members with him to discuss the bomb.

- Bane and his men ransack the place when Fox tells Blake to take Miranda/Talia so she wouldn't be caught and Fox is taken to City Hall.

- Blake brings Miranda/Talia with him to see Gordon while Gordon is talking to Foley.

- Gordon, his men and Miranda/Talia are found out(obviously because of Talia once more as was the case with Fox) and instead of being sent to exile, Bane has Miranda/Talia stayed behind and she's with Fox again when Bruce shows up.

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