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Default Re: FoX Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I agree with that, and if these films are top notch and give us something new then I'm completely fine with the OT staying in tact. It's this argument that the GA would be against anything new or Fresh that I disagree with. This franchise needs change and focus in other places, and it's going to get that one way or another.
They can definitely give us something new with moving forward with the original cast after DOFP. If they were able to come up with new characters, new villains and new stories for the first 7 films. They definitely can come up with a new story and bring in some new faces for X-Men 5, especially with Bryan Singer involved. And like Lauren Shuler Donner, there's literally hundreds of stories in the comic-books. They wouldn't have a hard time finding their inspiration for the story of the next film.

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