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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Yah, she was with Fox, and then she left the site with Blake, but you're sounding like you wanted Miranda/Talia to stay with Fox and be brought to City Hall with Fox.

In the film:

- Miranda/Talia is with Fox when Blake brings the Special Forces members with him to discuss the bomb.

- Bane and his men ransack the place when Fox tells Blake to take Miranda/Talia so she wouldn't be caught and Fox is taken to City Hall.

- Blake brings Miranda/Talia with him to see Gordon while Gordon is talking to Foley.

- Gordon, his men and Miranda/Talia are found out(obviously because of Talia once more as was the case with Fox) and instead of being sent to exile, Bane has Miranda/Talia stayed behind and she's with Fox again when Bruce shows up.
One moment she's with Gordon at the court, at this point Bane retrieves her. While at the same time, Bruce goes to Fox(Miranda was with him) so we have to imagine this is after the court scene as she's already back with Fox at this point right? Then takes Fox to retrieve the Bat-gear/The Bat we have to assume this takes some time. Then when Gordon is walking the ice, Batman asks where Miranda Tate is. Well, she was with Fox when you spoke with her, after Bane had already abducted her from the court scene. It's clunky sequence, bottom line. Explain it anyway you want to. Plot hole or not, it was bad editing or planning and it didn't need to be that complicated and really her assisting Gordon added nothing to the film. Again, 99 percent of the problems could have been fixed from the editing room. Listen I love the movie, it just wasn't polished enough.

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