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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by buff17 View Post
One moment she's with Gordon at the court, at this point Bane retrieves her. While at the same time, Bruce goes to Fox(Miranda was with him) so we have to imagine this is after the court scene as she's already back with Fox at this point right? Then takes Fox to retrieve the Bat-gear/The Bat we have to assume this takes some time. Then when Gordon is walking the ice, Batman asks where Miranda Tate is. Well, she was with Fox when you spoke with her, after Bane had already abducted her from the court scene. It's clunky sequence, bottom line. Explain it anyway you want to. Plot hole or not, it was bad editing or planning and it didn't need to be that complicated and really her assisting Gordon added nothing to the film. Again, 99 percent of the problems could have been fixed from the editing room. Listen I love the movie, it just wasn't polished enough.
The bold is where it's sloppy. The bold is in part of dialogue where the scenes are switched around in the script, although in the film, it makes more sense and that piece of dialogue from Batman shouldn't have been said. Everything else works though. Miranda/Talia being taken to the back and being there with Fox when Bruce shows up is definitely, definitely reasonable.

And also her assisting Gordon had importance simply because she was the mole helping the LoS in taking out opposition within Gotham City.

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