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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by Spideysays View Post
You're a good person Marvel_SKE. Lol at how hard you went to accept this movie. And it's good advice for those who want to force themselves to like it. I'd assume you're advice will be especially cogent to those who will add it to their Blu ray collection. Otherwise it was midnight and done forever with it, as was my case. Just passed by to see if the arguments had subsided but I see people are still busy trying to force others to accept non-sensical representations of characters who were never in the movie to begin with. Wise of you Marvel_SKE to realize that Mandarin is not in, will never be in,and in effect has never been in any cinematic motion picture. Hate how movie studios take "daring" leaps and make up things that make no sense. After all, if something is good and makes sense it doesn't need to be explained or justified correct? I thought so.
Nonsensical representations of characters that aren't in the movie? If they aren't in the movie then they aren't represented at all, and even in what you're trying to say there's definitely a coherent thought behind what they did.

And The Mandarin is de facto in IM3. It's not a version that's very close to the comics but that's an entirely different matter. Saying that he's not in the movie is the real nonsensical statement. Saying that you don't like the version they made because you feel that it went too far from the original is a more logical issue to have.

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