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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

I've thought a lot about whether I enjoyed the anticipation to TDK more than the actual movie itself. Maybe you can't separate the two, cause, the film was the climax to the hype. But, as awesome as the film was, I do wonder if the lead up was actually more fun and a happier memory for me.

From reading that Ledger had been cast, to checking here every day for fuzzy shots of action figures, reading the casting script sheets. Checking daily for script rumors and news, debating what would happen in the plot, how Joker would be created, set videos and pics, etc. Reading reports from friends at the comic con doing that treasure hunt, hearing that live audio broadcast of Harvey saving the hostages.

I was just crazy with anticipation and not being able to wait. I loved Begins and I was nuts to see the world of Begins expand to Two Face and Joker with a bigger budget and more epic story. I had all these huge ideas in my head for how the film would be like, this huge epic of Batman taking down all crime with Joker as his nemesis.

I was even dreaming about it, one dream where Joker was on a big TV Screen outside like in the 89 film, scarring Dent while the city had to watch, and another where I was like a hacker in a huge internet café tracking Joker down on computers.

I mean the movie topped all this off and it was awesome, but the wait was such a joyful time for us, I can't imagine anything would top it. I tried to repeat the experience for TDKR but it wasn't the same - I was really wanting to know how Nolan would end the story and stuff, who Blake was, but there wasn't that same magic.

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