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Default Reboots?

OK, so Marvel has gone through 3 Spider-Mans +1 already, 4 (or 5) X-Men films maybe +2, 3 Iron Mans, one its way to 2 Thors, 2 Captain Americas, 1 Avengers film, and 1 Guardians of the Galaxy on its way, (but will eventually be 3 of everything).
3 is usually the magic number, then they get rebooted in most superhero franchises. So,
if your favorite franchise from Marvel had to be rebooted, what would you be OK with? What would be acceptable for you?
Would you be OK with Tony Stark being made younger? Like a 25 year old? Would you be fine with Captain America being from a different war originally? Would you be fine with the Hulk being a mutant?

(Personally I don't want them to reboot anything, just keep it going like James Bond)
But this is Just for fun and out of curiosity.

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