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Default Re: Classic Professor X: The Patrick Stewart Thread

Probally the majority of future scenes are done.Maybe a little bit of solo green screen stuff remains.Halle may still have some to do when she reportly returns to Montreal.

Patrick's announcement that he's done may,and I stress the word may,only be In future scenes and doesn't time travel.

By same token If Ian Mckellen,Anna Paquin,and Ellen Page are spotted again In Montreal that's a tipoff they may be time traveling with Hugh Jackman.

It's withen the realm of possibilty the future scenes only take up 30 minutes of final film If the report of majority of film taking place In 1973 Is right.Now that doesn't mean
It will be 30 minutes In future and rest of film In 1973.The 30 minutes could be spread throughout the 2 hours like In Original comic.

And we still don't know the full extent of who Is going back In time.

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